Posted by: librarian1717 | March 16, 2010

Popular Library Facebook Pages

I finally had the chance to visit the library Facebook pages referenced in the blog post “Humanizing your Facebook Pages” by David Lee King. I also visited a few additional library Facebook pages. All the libraries I visited had at least 400 fans. Some had as many 5000!

Here are some specific things I noticed about these pages.

* there is a conversational tone to these posts
* some shared specific tips and provided a link to a resource (website, library book, etc…) for more detail
* pictures from events and random moments in the library (student studying, group working on a project)
* current events highlighted
* ask a random question to highlight a library resources (why does pepper make you sneeze? find out in — book)
* links to fun quizzes or polls with a tie to education or library
* video of staff member talking about what she is currently reading
* some libraries open to a customized boxes tab instead of the wall



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